Sunday, June 29, 2008

super freak

all of a sudden i've had this burst of creative energy! i guess now that i think i can sew, i think i can design knitting bags. and while this one isn't perfect it is pretty cool and today i'm amazed at myself.
it's reversible with a draw-string top
and a semi-rigid bottom
the perfect size for a yarn cake and needle(s) for a sock or other small project.
necessity really is the mother of invention! i got tired of toting around a big knitting bag (or worse, a ziploc or grocery sack!) for just a small project. i'm pretty happy with the concept, now to perfect it!
maybe i'll be taking orders!
thanks for the fabric, Cami. Aren't the possibilities just endless??
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Melinda said...


That is uber cute. I'm so proud of you for just diving right in!

But what's wrong with a gallon-sized Ziplock? ;)


Megynn said...

I love it! So cute. :) Very nice job. I may have to put my name on a list when you start taking orders.

LotusKnits said...

That is all kinds of awesome! Love the fabric!

Anonymous said...

I love the bag and don't forget your mother doesn't have a bag!!!!

bakerchick103 said...

I absolutely love this! Im getting a sewing machine for my birthday, and Im going to put this on my gotta have list. Just gorgeous!