Sunday, June 15, 2008

before and after

This shot would be before the backache:

and after:

isn't it great? Ken is one hard working man. Our shade garden was completely out of control (because of all our bird feeders, I might add). So yesterday he got this really great tool - it looks something like a stirrup. It made quick work of this mess. If you call eight hours quick work.

I ran to the garden center and picked up just a few things (if you call $100 worth a few things): five little ground covers, two astilbe and a few begonias to break up all the hostas. I think I counted 25! They're my favorite. We broke up some of the big ones and moved them around. It's all trial and error, honestly. Because we don't really have a clue what we're doing.

I also potted my very first ever tomato plant. My mother, who lives in California wasn't too impressed. They already have tomatoes ready to pick on their plants. Mine just got it's new home. Check back with me in August.

Ken really enjoys working in the yard. I'm ok once I get going but I really worry about my back. I tried not bending over too much, I worked hard on remembering to squat whenever I could but have you ever weeded a garden squatting? Sometimes you just gotta bend over! Ken likes it because he's 'making it pretty for you' he says. I like it when he makes things pretty for me.

Oh! And I hung my new hummingbird feeder today. I put it up and went back in the house for something. Ken opened the door right behind me and said, "Your humming bird feeder works!" Literally minutes after putting it up, a bird came in and tested it out. We both really enjoy all the birds that come into the yard. And humming birds are like little miracles. I love them! Girl-child swears she's going to come over one day and our family room chairs are going to be turned around and facing out the doors. She would have laughed at us today, sitting in the outside chairs, eyes on the feeder begging one to come take a drink.

Not a bad way to spend the day. Happy Father's Day, Ken.

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Thimbleanna said...

Well, um, now that you're done with that shady patch...there's one up north waiting for you. It looks fabulous! Mine needs help too. I put begonias in -- miraculously, the sun loving devils (peonies and daisies) that I planted in the area pre-shade will still bloom but I need more shady stuff. I take it you don't have rabbits? I have stupid rabbits that won't leave my hostas alone -- they drive me nuts!

Robin said...

You were right Ms Melly, you did have a big garden to weed! It looks wonderful now. It's so hard not to be able to weed/garden because of your back. You just want to get in there and "get it done"! I've only had one hummingbird over to my house so far this season. (sigh) I guess they're finding a better feeder elsewhere. For some reason they seem to like my feeder later in the summer. Bunnies don't eat my hostas - they've kept destroying my rose moss even tho we keep spraying this nasty smelling stuff on alot of our plants. I saw two bunnies playing yesterday and one would run real fast at the other and he would jump real high in the air. We were laughing at the critters that keep destroying our plants. Kind of ironic.
What day are you coming down to Cami's this week darlin?
Take care, Robin