Saturday, June 21, 2008

tasty vittles

Everything was -so- good! The shrimp was ROCKING. I don't think I've ever had grilled shrimp at home and this marinade was so light and fresh, it was perfect. I didn't think the chicken was quite as good but I'm guessing it was ok, since there wasn't a crumb left!
I didn't care for the arugula salad but that was me - everyone else loved it. Jazzing up jarred salsa was a hit too - it's GONE.

I'd say these recipes are all keepers. Nice, summery menu. Easy to prepare, quick from start to finish and oh so tasty.
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Kayte said...

Okay...this looks really is on my list for the week.

Just stopping by as I see you are new to TWD and I added you to the list I like to keep up on as you are from Central IN, like me!

You also knit, scrapbook, are married with me! I look forward to seeing your TWD entry. I am getting ready to bake mine in a few minutes here.

Wish me luck! Or as we like to say at Whisk Wednesdays, "Whisk me luck!"

Thimbleanna said...

Oh YUM!!! It all looks fantastic. I've been wanting to try grilled shrimp. What kind of shrimp did you buy? I've been kind of scared off to cleaning my own 'cause I really don't know how. I might just have to try your recipe. And can't wait to see your TWD entries!

Russ said...

Ahhhhh Food porn