Friday, June 27, 2008

exercise on demand

should yoga make you sweat?
i scrolled through the exercise on demand the other day thinking i should take advantage of this free gym membership and actually do some of these classes. there's quite a selection - tae bo, jullian and bob from the biggest loser, and yoga. i thought maybe it would be best to start with something relaxing - zen in your den. sounds good right?
well, my zen is a sweaty whore! no wonder i don't like exercising! for those who might say yoga isn't really exercise, come say that to my sweaty, red face!
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Erin said...

what is Excersise on demand?? It sounds like torture!! :D

Anonymous said...

I tried that Yoga once too, mainly because I figured it was the only exercise routine where I wouldn't trip over furniture. I didn't go so well...