Thursday, June 26, 2008

sewing bloomers

I finished the leg openings on the bloomers today. When I showed them to Ken he said, "Did you know you could do this?" I didn't! They are adorable! I wish I knew a little darling to try them on!

I've got the waistband done except for the elastic. I misread the instructions and thought I needed only 1/4" when I needed 1/2" too.

I am loving these instructions. The garmet is finished so well. They thought of everything. Even sewing a little tab of ribbon in the back so you can tell the front from the back of the bloomers. Too Cute!

And just to keep it real - dinner tonight? Oscar Meyer weiners and potato chips. My man is nothing if he's not easy. No picture though. I couldn't bear. And I didn't even do anything fun with them. My friend Nansi told me about these:

where was this idea when I had small kids at home? they're a bit creepy, though. Don't you think?

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robin said...

Love the bloomers, don't think my fat thighs would be a good display model. And the hot dogs, what a HOOT! I can see my grandsons eating those - they would think they're cool.
Always a pleasure, robin

Annalea said...

That outfit is going to be adorable, Melly. Just too sweet. I'm thinking I might just have to make a couple of them for my girls this summer . . . along with unpacking this house. Hmmmm . . . maybe next summer. ;o)

And those hot dogs are hilarious. Vern spent a couple of years in Korea, and loves squid and octopus (I just can't quite bring myself to eat the little squid whole, though--too spidery for me). I think I'll make some of these up with our favorite turkey franks to surprise him sometime soon (with some organic mac'n'cheese on the side, of course!).