Tuesday, July 29, 2008

TWD Summer Fruit Galette

I just finished this week's Tuesday's with Dorie. Mine was a peach galette.
Michelle from Michelle in Colorado Springs selected this summer treat. Surf on over to her blog for the recipe.

I blanched the peaches to easily remove the skins. First time blancher. It worked like a dream!

I halved and pitted the fruit then prepared the crust. I elected to use my no-fail crust recipe rather than Dorie's. I'm sure hers is good but I know mine well.

perfectly combined flour shortening and salt, ready for a few tablespoons of cold water. that's the secret to a good crust, you know? Everything cold, cold, cold. I've even started storing my shortening in the fridge.

Spread the preserves onto the rolled out crust. I elected not to use the graham cracker crumbs. I'm not sure of their purpose. It just seems strange to me. So on top of the preserves, I placed the peaches, cut side down and folded the edges over. Good thing this dessert is supposed to look rustic.

My favorite part was the custard. I could (and did) drink this stuff! After the galette has cooked enough to soften the fruit, you pour in a prepared custard (sugar, butter, egg and vanilla). I liked the custard so much I took the galette out, poured the rest of the custard on top and cooked it some more. De-lish!

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noble pig said...

Absolutely beautiful presentation!

SiHaN said...

lovely galette you have there.and i'm glad u enjoyed it.

i loved the custard too but my favourite part was still the pie dough. to die for!!!

Drooling Rob said...

You have my appetite soaring... and I have fresh peaches from Appleworks! If I give them to you could you make me one - just kidding.
And the sling bag - love the colors. You are one talented chickie, Melly Crocker. Seems you can do anything you put your mind to BEAUUUTIFULLY.
Think I'll go have a peach,

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Fine. Now I'm hungry! That peach galette looks AWESOME!!!

Susie Homemaker said...

This looks FAB! It looks so nice without the fruit cut up into little pieces!

Mary Ann said...

I really thought the custard made this dessert great! It looks delish! I will have to try peaches sometime

HoneyB said...

Yup, peaches hands down are an awesome filling for this galette!

Melissa said...

Yours looks great! Good job with the blanching... I did apples to avoid that step!

Engineer Baker said...

Very pretty - I was lazy and skipped the blanching, but it looks like it went easily for you!

Christine said...

I loved the custard too! I skipped the blanching of my peaches. Beautiful job!

Pamela said...

Looks great! It was tasty, wasn't it?

Julie said...

I love the way the halved peaches look. They are very inviting. I just want to poke 'em with a fork (ok, I really want to poke 'em with my finger, whatev!)

Barbara said...

Gorgeous galette!

The graham cracker crumbs are supposed to soak up some of the fruit juices -- sounds like it worked without them, though. The custard did add a wonderful sweet touch.

If you are ever in the mood for a wonderful, rich, flakey, buttery, totally-over-the-top pie crust, do try Dorie's! It is wonderful! And you already know THE secret to all piecrusts -- keep it cold, cold, cold!

Jules Someone said...

I need to make this again with peaches. Yum!

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