Sunday, July 6, 2008

socks galore

I've been gifted with hand-knits! Lucky for me, my friend Rhonda-the-wonder-knitter didn't really care for her last socks that rock kit. I -love- them! I love the pattern, love the purple-y goodness of them and love most that she likes me enough to give me hand-knit socks.
Thanks Rhonda. YOU rock!
and some Yarn Love. (ETA a linky where you can get your own Yarn Love per Cami)
I'm starting these for myself but I fear already they're not going to fit. The pink ones were too big and found a home at Erin's. That's fine but I really want these to fit ME. They HAVE to. Or I'll rip them out and make them again. I'm determined to have this pattern in this yarn on my feet! These are looking a little small. Wish me luck.

the colorway is nostalgia. isn't it perfectly lovely?

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Erin said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed (that they are BIG!!!) The pink socks are even more delicious in person and on my feet. I adore them!!! I want to wear them every minute of the day!
Did I tell you how much I love them? And in case you didn't hear it before...THANK YOU!!

Thimbleanna said...

That nostalgia is BEAUTIFUL! Does Cami have that in the store?

Annalea said...

Knit them from the toe up, Melly girl. :o) That's the only way to be sure that they'll fit without knitting the whole darn thing first.

Love the Yarn Love. It's gorgeous!

theemptynest said...

Those are cool socks. Wish I could knit.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Who knows...maybe we could become good friends. :)