Sunday, July 20, 2008

bloggers aren't all crazy

I had the deep pleasure of meeting Anna of Thimbleanna yesterday at Clementine's.
What a great day! There was the aforementioned pie, plus yummy sweet rhubarb custard plus the amazing chocolate croissants that Cami makes with her own hands. From scratch.You can just taste the love.

Noemi and I were grilling the youngest Becher girl-child, convinced Cami uses store bought pastry crust but alas, either the child is sworn to secrecy or these delectable treats are indeed made from scratch. They are indescribably good. And I wish I could remember their french name - it's petite something or other and the name alone makes you aware you're about to have something really special.

I took my camera with me yesterday but didn't even take it out of the bag. It was ascared to come out after seeing Anna's big-girl camera. Hers made my Cannon look like a disposable point and shoot. :) But I did take some pictures here this morning:
The beautiful flowers Robin thought to grab so we had something smelly and pretty to look at. I was the lucky one who got to take them home. They're making me smile today, Robin. Thank you.
This is a little gift from Anna. I -love- it. She was so oh-it's-no-big-deal. But Anna, I'm saying it here and in print. It -is- a big deal. It's perfectly lovely and already filled with all those little necessary things I carry in my knitting bag but seem to find their way to the nether reigons when I need them. So thank you. It was so nice to meet you and just sit and knit like old friends. Can't wait till next time.

Speaking of sitting and knitting. I asked Cami today if she was getting tired of hearing me say, "I should have listened to you." I seem to say it a lot. A. LOT. She tried telling me last week or so, maybe I should just start a simple project, maybe a basic sock. That ribbed lace pattern totally kicked my ass and will soon be something lovely I can wear about my neck. I decided the yarn is much too nice for feet.
So, I took Cami's advice and cast on some Vinca yarn that has been waiting patiently in my stash. I opened the box and heard a little, "pick me! pick me!" and so I did.


Thimbleanna said...

OhMyGosh! How can you have that much sock done already??? You must be a speed knitter like Cami. I'm not worthy. LOL!!!

I had the BEST time yesterday. You're so sweet and I'm thrilled that your little bag is in your knitting bag -- that's what I hoped it would be. Like you, I can't wait until next time. And when that happens, the least we could do is carpool for the Indy part of my XOXO!

camillaknits said...

Strangely, I do not get tired of hearing you say you should have listened... it not only feeds my ego (pretty full, but I can always make room!), but also lets me know that you *do* hear me, and you're just choosing not to comply. (it's not just squawk, snark)
That sock is gorgeous, and I think the necessary break from patterned work will be good for you, with the added bonus of a wearable pair of pretties for your feet!
And thank you again for the pie and for making the trip for Saturday's blog-meet. It would NOT have been the same without you. See you tonight, girlfriend! C