Wednesday, July 9, 2008

sharing the love

While sitting on my back patio tonight with the laptop (it just doesn't get any better), I came across a few new foodie sites and you know I can't keep something like this to myself!

Try The Review Lady
she's got some good looking recipes. she tries it first so you don't have to.

Or click over to
if you've got a road trip coming up. They'll tell you the best places to grab a bite.

and Tastespotting is back up! I do still check food gawker but TS is the original and I feel somehow loyal. After all, they posted my no-bake cookies. Food gawker couldn't be bothered with me. But I'm not bitter.

I skipped Tuesday's with Dorie this week. None of us are really into blueberry pie. I found another cooking group that uses Barefoot Contessa recipes. If you don't know Ina Garten, shame on you. Surf on over and introduce yourself. I loved the Barefoot Contessa quote the Review Lady used on her blog, "Food is not about impressing people. In fact, it's just the opposite: it's about making them feel comfortable."

Now go cook up some comfort.


silverneurotic said...

I used to watch The Barefoot Contessa with my dad when I was living at home (he loved The Food Network)...and I had a lot of trouble getting through her show...the food usually looked really good but her voice made me want to fall asleep!

Thimbleanna said...

I heart Ina. LOVE her. She's the only food network star for me. Some of my favorite recipes are from her (speaking of blueberries, her blueberry crumbcake is LOVED by everyone I make if for.) Her food is, for the most part, practical and fabulous!!!

Annalea said...

I'm about to try a week of recipes from Clean Eating, a new magazine I've subscribed to. They look fabulous, and healthy to boot. They give you a full menu (three meals and two snacks each day) complete with shopping list. I'm going to have to at least quadruple the quantities (since the menus and lists are for one adult), but it's worth a shot. They have a week of free recipes at their site, too. I'm lousy at planning lunches and snacks, so we'll see how this goes.

sarah@tastespotting said...

we {heart} ina garten. we wish we could hang out all day in a gorgeous house, pick artichokes and herbs from our gardens, cook, bake, and play cards with our interior decorating man friends.

o, and thanks for staying with TasteSpotting :)

The Review Lady said...

Melly, thanks so much for the link! Sorry I haven't had any new recipes on the blog lately - I hope to remedy that soon. It was good to find your blog, it's motivating me to pull my grandmother's sewing machine out of storage.