Wednesday, July 16, 2008

machine love

When I read Thimbleanna's post and felt the love she had for her sewing machine I felt sad that I didn't have that sort of love for my own. But then I remembered this little treasure I had hiding in my office. I forget it's there because it sleeps inside it's unassuming cabinet, holding our mail basket and keys.
Now, while it may not look like much of a treasure here, just you wait. When I opened the case (which hasn't been done in years) I found this:
But, after evicting the dust bunnies, I beheld this:

I used a gold reflector to give it that heavenly glow. heh heh But seriously, isn't it lovely? THIS is a machine you can feel some love for. It's a 1929 White sewing machine Ken's grandmother gave us.

I think Ken was actually the last person to use it. He made a set of scrubs for a teddy bear I used as a focal point when I delivered Ashley. Sadly, we don't have the bear any longer but I do think the scrubs are around here somewhere. That's love, I tell you. Ken loving me and me loving this sewing machine. It's got memories. That's where the love is.

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bakerchick103 said...

What a treasure you have! It's beautiful.

Thimbleanna said...

You're hysterical Melly!!! Where's the Me loving Ken part??? ROFLOL!!!! She is indeed a beauty and you're SO lucky to have her. I'd love to have an old machine like that. Especially if it had a treadle -- I've been wanting a treadle lately -- in anticipation of those times when there's no electricity!

Robin said...

too cool Ms Melly...lovin the gold highlights.
The postal service will be bringin you a little "somthin, somthin" soon in the anticipation of Saturdays visit from the sistah "up north". (Did you hear the accent - CSI reference).
Kisses, Robin