Saturday, August 9, 2008

no cure for the clap

when i told my friend susan the title i was planning for this post she said, "are you knitting more washrags?" i laughed and laughed. do you all remember the washcloths i was knitting for hookers in canada? i'm certain camilla becher remembers. dirty hooker cloth stealing whore. now i have to knit more. oh damn. more knitting. how will i ever cope?
on to the "clap" update. it's all i've been doing so i have been making some progress.

crappy picture. crappy lighting. get over it. it's knitting and it's completely gorgeous. focus on the positives, folks.
that's all from the nuthouse. they limit my internet time. :) carry on crafty ones.


camillaknits said...

Yes, but they still let you have the pointy sticks, so it ain't all bad, eh?
Nice case of the Clap you've got going there. I miss you terribly. Tell me again why you have to be a 'northsider'?

Thimbleanna said...

And just who is the "they" that limits your internet time? I'm sure "they" haven't put you in a home yet. Cut off their food supply -- "they" will increase your internet time. It all works out. And move down south -- it's so cruel of you to make Cami whine!

gaylen said...

What happened to the pretty little bear's hiney that was gracing this page? Love the Clap - I've now knit it 3 times! Each a gift. Maybe someday I'll keep one. Yours is fabulous! Love the yarn - what is it? And if you say wool, I'll be really annoyed! g

noble pig said...

Knitting for hookers? He-he that kind of cracks me up...a little.

Lori said...

hey, is this the clapotis over on knitty? i've been wanting to do it; are you having fun with it?