Monday, August 4, 2008

Cami is a Pushy Bitch

She even titled this post herself.
The original post was up only for a few moments, without title, without text because she's been bugging me for days to post a picture of my knitting. I tried explaining to her, taking a picture would require me to stop knitting! And who would want to stop knitting on this:
she also didn't know that hostas bloom so I had to offer this as evidence:
nice weeds, melly.
ETA: I stand corrected. Evidently these are indeed surprise lilies. They came up in a bed of Hostas so I thought...
I'm still learning my yard. Seems old Mary had some tricks up her sleeves!
and finally, what made me dash back into the house:
a brand new cicada, drying it's wings. do not click for bigger. -shudder-
it's like we're being overrun by aliens. send help. or yarn. yarn would be good.
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camillaknits said...

Hey, you gave me the 'I can be an asshole about knitting' award... didn't think I'd put it to good use, did you?
Your 'Malabrigo' (silkie? silky?) is gorgeous. I. Must. Pet. It.

And stay inside. I don't want you catching cicada-cooties. That is one ugly bug.

Thank you for *finally* bothering to show us your new case of 'Clap'!

noble pig said...

Okay I'm laughing here at whatever I've blogged into!

Robin the Enabler said...

Man are a knitting fiend girlie girl. Boy what a storie - I think you roll around in yarn lotz more than I do! The clap is looking stylin.... I think the trip was worth it - it will be a wonderful garment of love. Now we just have to learn how to spring Cami on a day when she can go roll around too. Toodles, Robin

Thimbleanna said...

Ya know, you were doing fine...hysterically funny post title, beautiful new knitting, and then. THEN you put that bug up there. Eeeewwwww.

Don't make me say Melly is a creepy bitch....LOL!

RedRhonda said...

The yarn is stunning. I can't wait to fondle it in person (and get my Birdie Sling)! Love ya!

Anonymous said...


Are you sure those plants are hostas? I always thought they were called surprise lilys.