Sunday, August 24, 2008

lacking fodder

I haven't been cooking anything exciting. I didn't do last week's TWD. I haven't gone anywhere exciting to write about nor taken any good pictures lately. I'm sure ya'll are sick of hearing about my case of the clap (although it's getting bigger and lovelier every day). So that doesn't leave much to say.

I do, however, have exciting news to share - evidently the birthday celebration has begun. If you don't know, I'll be thirty-ten this year. The gift-giving has commenced. Cami thought I needed some cheering up last week and presented me with this:

Truth be told, she's a terrible secret keeper and it was KILLING her that she had to wait another whole month to give me my birthday present.

One of her favorite things is fountain pens. I love when someone gifts me with a favorite thing of theirs. She loves them so much and wanted to share that love with me. It's wonderful. Just holding it in my hand makes me know I'm holding something special. It's so sad to me that the art of writing with pen to paper has been replaced by email or even worse, texting. When was the last time you sat and wrote a real letter? Having a pen such as this makes the task even more enjoyable.

I know I've thanked you more than once, Cami but thank you, again. It's lovely. You're lovely. Happy Birthday to me!


camillaknits said...

You make me blush. Really, it's a totally selfish gift, because now You'll write Me letters... wah-hoo!
Enjoy it birthday girl... shipping on ink refills is free!

noble pig said...

Happy early Birthday to you! Nice pen.

camillaknits said...

Yeah, but where's the pic of Fatboy in his doggie diaper? No blog-fodder, my fat ass!
love you. *mwah* C

Melinda said...

OMG! What a lovely pen! (I have an addiction to lovely writing instruments....:)

And I LIKE seeing how your, ahem, clap is developing.


Thimbleanna said...

Ruh Roh. There's a story here. We want to see the pic of Fatboy and his doggie diaper. ???? Do please enlighten us now that Cami's spilled the beans.

And when's the big day? That Cami's a sweetie, she is!

Russ said...

My seester is going to be 21 with 19 years experience!!!!!

Dragonfly said...

That's a lovely pen! Happy early birthday!

Annalea said...

Lacking fodder? I'd say a fountain pen is wonderful blog fodder. (I happen to have a fascination about those . . . )

Just don't forget good paper! (That's a knitting friend of mine's site . . . lots of interesting info there on using fountain pens.)

Happy early birthday!

Krysta said...

a very merry un-birthday to you! to who? i'm the same way about gifts, it's kills me to wait to give them to someone, i think i'm going to burst.