Saturday, May 31, 2008

stormy, stormy night

We woke to a cacophony (thanks Cami!) of chainsaws this morning. We had a busy night here in central Indiana. I tried finding a picture online of our radar last night. Poor Justin and the dogs were in the bathtub for nearly an hour once the tornado sirens sounded. And my Golden, Sadie, is just a mess during thunder storms. I gave her Benadryl but can dogs take Xanax?
Here are some shots from around us. This first one is our neighbor's tree. Thank gawd the winds weren't blowing the other direction - Ken would be replacing some fence this morning.

We lost half a pear tree.

and for the longest time we couldn't tell where this branch came from. Ken finally spotted the neighbors tree, missing a chunk. I'd say we came out pretty lucky.

good news is, we've got extra wood for the bonfire pit now!
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camillaknits said...

Soooo... power back on yet? Hope everything gets back to normal soon, and you can enjoy the 'week off'... wanna come to dinner at BecherHaus. I hear the cook is making a killer chikie-pot-pie on Sunday! C

Robin (the light sleeper) said...

Glad everything is ok at your place...our neighbors house got hit by lightning. We heard the initial sounds and saw the lights in the sky (and sat straight up)but immediately fell back to sleep and didn't even hear the firetruck come to their house - and they were parked in OUR driveway. I have an excuse with taking meds every night but Mikey must have really been tired. Indiana weather in the summer...
Always, Robin Oh yeah, phone is dead, they say it will be back on by Tues at 8pm so if anybody needs me call the cell.