Tuesday, May 20, 2008

back in the saddle again

Things are looking better on the back front (ha!). Thanks for all the well wishes. I could FEEL them. Or maybe that was the Vicodin. Either way it was good.

I'm knitting again! Yay me! I'm almost done with the gusset decreases on my lacy sock. I totally boogered up the first row of the instep where I picked up the stitches for the heel. There's no going back now. Besides, it commemorates a moment in my life. I'll always remember (or not) knitting this sock while I was recuperating. And besides number two - they're not a gift for the queen for f*cks sake (sorry, mom). They're just going to sit in my sock drawer momentarily till girl-child discovers them and I'll never see them again. I will make socks for myself one day. I will.

I know you're not surprised in the least that I didn't say, "I'm walking again!" or, "I can do the dishes again!" or even "I'm cooking again!" though that was a close second. My mom was complaining over the lack of food porn on my blog. What was I gonna do, post a picture of the Wendy's bag? That's been about it here this last week. Till we had home-made sausage biscuits & gravy last night (over fried potatoes). Funny how I can hear Cami saying, "You dirty whore." even when she's not around. Love that.

I'm up at this ungodly hour to be the designated driver (why does that make me laugh every time I say it?) for Ken who is having a procedure with a cocktail, evidently. He needs a ride home. So I've got my knitting loaded, my iPod ready and I'm off. Can't wait to show my physical terrorist (no one got that!) later today how I can stand upright and knit and everything!

Later, 'tater.


Dragonfly said...

I feel bad, by the time I find out you are in pain, you are feeling better. But I'm glad that you are! Currently my lower back is hurting like crazy so I have total sympathy for your 10x worse pain!

Camilla said...

That whole bathing thing goes both ways doll... I'll prolly knock you over in excitement. Make sure you're in lickable condition *gigglesnort* when you arrive. Missed you ever so... see you tomorrow.

Kim said...

I got your wonderful surprise in the mail today! Love it!!! Thank you soooo much! And I hope you feel better!