Sunday, May 18, 2008


Knitting Under the Influence

I thought I'd turn the heel this morning before my meds kicked in. I knew I was in trouble when I called Cami and said, "The instructions just say pick up the stitches along the side not to knit them. Is that all I do?" and she gently reminded me knitting each picked up stitch is how you travel your yarn around the sock. Methinks the drugs have kicked in and it's best if I put down the pointy sticks before someone gets hurt. It could be me or even Sadie who wanted in the picture taking this morning.

If ya'll could just see how much I've backspaced. -lol-
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M Ward said...

Oh my gosh - that dog! She's gorgeous! Such expressive eyes.

I turned my first heel ever under the influence. It could have gone so wrong, but I lucked out.

Robin said...

Sweet Sadie...she looks so kind.
The backspace key is my hero - it's actually got a big dent in it because I use it so much.
Glad you're feeling better and does your daughter know how lucky she is that Mama knits for her?
See you soon, Robin

Dragonfly said...

I'm trying to imagine Cami "gently" reminding you about knitting picked up stitches... nope, can't do it. *grin* (I love you Cami!)