Saturday, May 24, 2008

just a regular day, hangin' with John Dillinger

Justin wanted to get some pictures in a cemetery. He's discovered photo shop. Gawd knows what he's going to do with the pictures we got today. I took him up to Crown Hill cemetery. I think it's the oldest cemetery in Indiana. President Harrison is buried there along with some other notable figures.

I was most excited about this one:

It's the grave of John Dillinger. My mafia intrigued boy-child had no idea who John Dillinger was. I think he's back in his room educating himself. The door is locked. Should I be concerned?

One of the cemetery attendants explained how people come and leave trinkets on his tombstone - coins, cigarettes and the flowers you see here. Someone even left a joint once. Guess I came on the wrong day. ;) Fans come and chip away at the headstone just to have a piece of the infamous thug. He's on his third headstone. Oh to be so loved one day that my cronies come and chip away at the granite above me.

I couldn't resist this next shot. They kicked us out after this (I'm kidding!):

If you click to embiggen (ala Harlot) you'll notice some sort of creature chose an unlikely place to build a "nest". Looks to me like a little turtle poking his head out. (insert riotous laughter)

On to more demure and ladylike behaviour - behold, the completed sock:

If I don't say so myself, i ROCK!

Love the pattern, love the yarn, love the eye of partridge heel. Damn, now I've got to start on the next one!
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Erin said...

I LOVE the socks!! And I'd love to go haunt the cemetery. Most people here think it's morbid. :P I love the statue. Hysterical!! And the sock is delicious!! Can I please steal those shoes?? I adore them!!! You did a great job, you should be very proud!

camillaknits said...

is sock, the sequel, on needles yet? I'm trying to finish up three separate pair of socks... you do not want to be in this boat, my friend... do not delay in knitting the date/mate for your lonely sock. hope to talk to you tomorrow. miss you. C

camillaknits said...

p.s. excellent place for a potter's wasp nest. and who decided to have such a close look?

Robin said...

I enlarged... what a riot - but, ouch! You're right -the socks Rock. Hopefully the next one goes smoother - you were so fighting the frog on the this one. Love that heel, too.
Always, Robin

Thimbleanna said...

You do indeed rock Miss Melly. Great socks. And eeewww to that pic LOL. Hey -- maybe your son's locked in his room knitting???