Saturday, February 9, 2008

10 things I learned from knitting a sweater

  1. There are some men you just shouldn't knit with. Sam, Jack, Jim and José are not good choices for knitting companions. I learned this one the hard way.
  2. Take ALL the pages of your pattern with you wherever you go. You may think you remember exactly what you're supposed to do. Trust me, you don't.
  3. When you alter said pattern, WRITE IT DOWN. While my sleeves are the same in length and size, I couldn't remember how I did those funky decreases and on the second side. I did them wrong but didn't care. This brings me to the ever important:
  4. Leave perfection at the door or teach José how to knit. I'm a new knitter. It's not going to be exactly right. And THAT'S OKAY. It's ok. Why do you want to handknit something that looks storebought anyway?
  5. You can't go it alone. It's like swimming - always have a buddy. I know I give these shout outs every time I finish a project but I swear, I couldn't have done this without my mom, Cami and Rhonda. They were my constant companions throughout this amazing experience and I couldn't have been in better company (see #1).
  6. This is a big one. When the voice whispers in your ear, "I can't do that!" I'm here to say, "Yes, you can!"
  7. Enjoy the hugs and the feeling when the recipient says, "Oh I love it! It's perfect!" Don't cringe there, refer to #4.
  8. Ignore the muggles who say, "You could just buy her a sweater."
  9. Sit back and enjoy the wonder and amazement. You just knit a sweater! You took sticks and string and made something she can wear. And it doesn't look that bad! (Cami says it'll be the thing she reaches for to warm her on a chilly day or the thing that makes her feel better when she's sick or the one thing she can wear the whole time she's pregnant - while I appreciate her thoughts let's not get ahead of ourselves! But thanks, friend. I get what you're saying.)
  10. Take naps whenever possible.

Now go knit something. Or learn to knit. It'll make you a better person. I swear.

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Dragonfly said...

She looks great and I love the list

knitter in the desert said...

Most important part is that your daughter will love it cause her mama made it for her

It is a good list. A knitting mantra if you will.

Twinsanity/Spinsanity said...

It's a WONDERFUL sweater, Chicky! And she looks very happy to have it. That's what it's all about, right?

Woo hoo, you knit a sweater!!!