Friday, February 29, 2008


No, that's not some sort of code, the title of this post. It's a knitting increase. And a nice one at that: 'Knit one in the front and back loop.' Trouble is, when you do it this way, it leaves this trail of bumps all the way up the sleeve:

Now, while it doesn't look that bad and it's on the underside of the arm, and this sweater is going to a Rappling who is going to out grow the dang thing in five minutes, I still feel the need for perfection. I'm a perfectionist. It's true. Hard to believe, I know but I am. Knitting has tried to teach me to relax in this area but sometimes I just can't.

After expressing my disgruntled-ness (hey, if Cami can say subsitutiary, I can say disgruntled-ness) to muh nittahs I got a little tip and I just like this so much better:

No little bumps. Just nice, neat, increased rows all the way up. The trick is, don't knit in the back loop, just slip the stitch off purlwise after knitting in the front. It's lovely! It's perfection! Looks like I'll be knitting that first sleeve over (again). Damnit. I just remembered I already put it on the circulars and knit it to the 59 front stitches and the 60 back stitches. Looks like I'll be doing a little tinking tomorrow. That's knitting backwards for you muggles knit = tink. Aren't we knitters a clever bunch?

Yes, we are. But Rhonda? Why couldn't you have shared this little tip two days ago? You like to torture me, don't you? It's ok. I can take it. I learned some more new stuff. That's how this wondrous craft works. Every time I knit something new, I learn something new. My brain is near bursting with all the fun, new things I'm learning. It almost hurts. Almost.

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knitter in the desert said...

That is the fun thing about knitting...get to try new things and learn things...if one can't get past the frustration....
It provides such a sense of accomplishment

The sweater very cute btw

(if this shows up twice-I apologize but blogger is being odd on my end today....)

Dragonfly said...

Ok, I've got to remember that increase. I like knowing a variety to get the look I want and that needs to be added.