Friday, February 8, 2008

the good the bad and the ugly

First the good - a great picture of Ken and I from this weekend:

Too bad you can't see my shoes. I was rocking some serious heels that night. I think I was halfway to drunk by the time this picture was taken. heh
The bad - I had to rip out the button hole band on that %#$&* sweater yet again. Three hours of work gone in 20 seconds. Luckily I was at Clementine's and Cami was there to console me and give me chocolate. Tonight, Sam Adams and I are going to tackle this thing once and for all. I realized the left side of the front was lacking about 14 stitches from the bottom to the point where the neckline starts to V. All I have to do to remedy the problem is make a few stitches. Knitting is pretty forgiving, sometimes. Cami told me once, "It's great! You get to knit it again all for the same price!" However, my time has got to be worth something and spending 24 hours on half a button band isn't my idea of a good time. Luckily, the shop emptied just in time for me to let loose with more than a few expletives.
And now for the ugly - I trust Cami will post some unflattering pictures of me over on her blog. Keep checking. She needed photographic evidence I was actually back. Now that's a good friend. I may hunt down that crooked face picture yet. . .
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Dragonfly said...

Tagged. and since Cami can't prove she tagged you with a comment, this isn't quite a double tag... maybe a 1.5 tag?

I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation, that's a good picture.

Remember, knitting is one of the few things in life where you can get a do-over.

Erin said...

Look at the pretty girl! It's so good to see that face! I'm glad you had a wonderful time!!!

gaylen said...

I count it as the cost of entertainment. So what if you knit it twice? To go out to a movie would have cost how much these days? That sweater cost a pretty penny no doubt, but if you break it down into the hours it took to knit - cost of entertainment is pretty cheap. :) Glad you had a nice vacation. g