Tuesday, February 12, 2008

card kits

I knew with some simple written instructions anyone could help put these cards together.

So I assembled the cards a little more (less for the assistants to do) and packaged them all together like this:

I hate that I missed working with the old folks today. Even walking in to deliver the kit this morning - I saw some smiling, eager faces. Seeing the folks there reaffirmed that I want to be that someone who says, "Hello! I'm here to see YOU."

That Cami, she's a smart one. And not just cause she told me to take a shot of whiskey and go to bed. :)

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Erin said...

Did you hear from the card makers? How did they turn out!? How are YOU feeling?? Did the whisky work? So many questions.
Take care of you!

Teresa said...

Thank you for the post on my blog. I have read through some of yours and can only say..Bless you! My dad is in a nursing home and my mom is there with him every day, all day. I am there after work and weekends helping with supper. The joy that is brought to these folks by simple acts of kindness from others or a friendly word and smile can not be measured in this worlds terms of significance.

Thimbleanna said...

Those little kits DO rock! Did you keep any cards -- 'cause I want to see one without that plastic bag over them -- they look too cute. Oh, and YOU rock too for your volunteer work!

Dragonfly said...

You did a great job and even if you couldn't be there, I'm sure you brought a lot of happiness (and made the assistant's life a little easier!)

Leslie said...

Hey you!
Thanks for the comment on my much-neglected blog. How are you? I do miss you.