Saturday, February 9, 2008

meme time

I was tagged by Cami first. D-fly? Nice try.
So here goes. Seven wonders of the world that is melly. . .

  1. I love to cook. No big surprise my first factoid is about food. Have you seen me? Never trust a skinny cook and all that. My mom was a down-home, stick-to-your-ribs, nothing fancy but everything good sort of cook. I don't know that she taught me how to cook per se but I remember being in the kitchen and watching. I must have picked up something cause I've managed to keep my family alive for the last 20 years or so. I love everything about the process - finding the perfect recipe, selecting the best ingredients, preparing the dish and hearing that first, "mmmmmm" that drips off the lips of my loved ones. I don't like cleaning up afterward. Can that be fact two?
  2. I played the tuba in school. So did my brother. We were both always first chair and neither of us ever practiced. Prodigy might be a strong word but the potential was certainly there.
  3. I'm one of six kids. I liked having such a big family though really it was like two separate groups - I had three older siblings and I was the middle of the three younger ones. Like the Brady bunch only more spread out. Sometimes I regret not having more children but then I remember I don't really like kids so I'm glad I've only got the two. heh
  4. I can sing. Really sing. I won contests when I was younger. Sang my first song publicly when I was three or four. I think my mom has video of me picking up the hem of my dress and chewing on it or something during some church pageant. It's why I don't go to church to this day.
  5. Good segue for this one: I don't believe in God. I used to. I was raised going to church three times a week but somewhere along the line I lost that faith in the God of my youth. I do believe there is something bigger than me, I'm just not sure what it is. This doesn't make me a bad person. In fact, I'm a pretty good citizen. I try not to lie, I think I have integrity and I only steal when I'm drunk. (I'm kidding mom!)
  6. I can drive a motorcycle. And not just any motorcycle either. For a short time I was the proud owner of a Harley Davidson Fatboy. I said to my friend, Lisa, "There's nothing sexy about a fat chick on a motorcycle." And she said, "Oh yes there is!" Yes, there is.
  7. I struggle with depression and anxiety. I'm not afraid to admit it. It's a health condition like diabetes or any other chronic health issue. There's something out of whack with my brain chemicals or my hormones, maybe both but I'm having good luck with some good drugs. Happier living through pharmecuticals. Amen.

Ok, here's the rules if you want to play along. I'm tagging Susan, Nansi, Angela, my mom, my brother Russ, Vickie and Steph.
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knitter in the desert said...

I too am enjoying reading the meme blogs. Great way to find out other people's quirks and uniquness

Actually I will learn to ride a motorcycle--I'm buying a scooter but I need a motorcycle license to go with it (yeah need the Driver's license first I know....)