Friday, March 14, 2008

my mom rocks

You all everybody (that's for YOU Red -g-) remember this sock? Or maybe you remember this? If not, there you have the whole story.

My mom is so great I get to finish those socks after all. You know, the ones I can't remember how many stitches I cast on or the decreases I made for the heel turn, gusset nor toes? Yeah, those socks. Gee, thanks, mom. ;) There may be another pair of hand-knit socks in your future. heh heh

She searched high and low for another skein of this yarn. In fact, she had to go all the way to Washington State from California just to find the yarn I needed to finish this project. That's how much my mom rocks.

Mom? You need another hobby. ;)

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knitter in the desert said...

My mom will paint up paper mache skulls so I can leave one on a friends desk at work....

Dragonfly said...

giggling at the "you all everybody".

Our mom searched high and low to make sure that I had every possible material to make a giant barbie plastic canvas castle. (I really should work on that again)