Tuesday, March 4, 2008

trapped inside with my bra on

I got up this morning (yes, it was before noon, Robin!), showered, got dressed in actual clothing (not pajamas or yoga pants) I was ready for the day. I had errands to run but wanted to wait for temperatures to rise a little before heading out. It was icy this morning. I was ready to go.

Girl-child stopped by to say hello (she moved out this weekend) and said, "Where are you going?" seeing the real clothes and all. She informed me the roads were icy and if I didn't need to, I shouldn't go out. Need is a strong word in this case. I have chocolate. I have yarn. What more does a girl need? Certainly not jeans and a bra. Not today.


Before I go, I wanted to share one of my favorite things with you. Do you all know Photojojo? It's an amazing e-newsletter sent out periodically. You can subscribe yourself and get rockin' photo ideas like this:

Click on the pencils for detailed instructions. And go subscribe!

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