Saturday, March 8, 2008

meet-up dinner party

I never did write and share about my dinner group on Sunday. It was really nice. I found an aspiring gourmet dinner group through meet-up. It's a great way to meet folks in your area with similar interests.

We had drinks and appetizers to start with while the conversations started. Just having adult conversation was wonderful. The talk started all about the food but as the night moved on so did the topics. I sat next to a darling Chinese couple whose children are the first American born generation in their family. We talked a lot about the culture of China and language, history - it was so enjoyable. And the FOOD! It really was a fine dining experience. I'm happy to say my tart got good reviews. I think I'd like to tweak the recipe a bit for better results but the flavors worked so well together I'll definitely make it again.

This reminds me - I need to go RSVP for the next one!

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RedRhonda said...

Are you saying you don't normally get any adult conversation? HMMMMM?

camillaknits said...

um, yeah, mels, what up wid dat? and where's the proof of your magic-looping? Hmmmmm?