Monday, March 24, 2008

the food meme

Favorite food to crunch:
popcorn, chips, hard candies

Favorite comfort food:
potatoes anything

Favorite picnic lunch:
cheese, fruit and wine

Favorite food scene in movie:
in Chocolat where the Comte woke in the display window of the chocolaterie after gorging all night during Lent

Favorite food lyrics:
not necessarily my favorite but one that came to mind, from Lisa Loeb: "I'll stop cryin' on the mountain that we made from the molehill where we spilt the milk."

Best food smell memory: my mom looked like a nurse but smelled like a hamburger. (she was a cook in a restaurant growing up). I liked the way she smelled.

Favorite summer snack:

Food that reminds me of the ocean:

Favorite winter snack:
movie popcorn

Most likely to eat for lunch:
some sort of sandwich

Least likely to eat for lunch:
something healthy

Makes me gag:
any meat that looks like what it was. I don't ever look at a pack of ground beef and think of a cow but a tongue? eeeewwww.

Food tradition I love:
banana cream pies during the holidays

Food tradition I loathe:
bobbing for apples

Favorite wild foods:
we used to eat huckleberries and blackberries as kids

Favorite medicinal food:
"brownies" helps with the glaucoma. ;)

Food that reflects my heritage:
Heinz 57?

Favorite raw food smell:
anything fresh - fruits, greens

Food most like me:
coffee - bitter and murky.
heh heh



Thimbleanna said...

A fun read with some great answers Melly! The Heinz 57 cracked me up, as did the coffee answer. And brownies for glaucoma??? Really???? ;-)

Thimbleanna said...
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Vickie said...

Hey, Love your answers! I like your hair cut it's cute! :)