Thursday, November 5, 2009

remember my sister the rock star?

well, she also writes children's books:

the picture is an amazon link.

my sister is a published author. somehow that makes me seem more awesome!

it's been so fun being part of this process with her. i saw the book in the beginning, when it was just a poem or two, emailed to me with a 'what do you think' subject line. i watched it grow into a whole book. with amazing pictures and everything! her illustrator, christine bennett is so imaginative. she put faces to my sister's words. it's a terrific marriage.

if you need an autographed copy, i can hook you up.


Thimbleanna said...

That's very cool Melly. But you know ... your awesomeness can stand all by itself!!!

Channon said...

That is awesome, but so are you!!

Robin said...

I would like a signed copy sweetie, it will give us a reason to see each other AND I've never had a signed copy say "from robin:to robin..."
You stand out all on your sweet thing (but I know the "sister" thang - they make you better.
love you...Robin (friend - not sister)but I'll arm wrestle her for it!