Wednesday, April 16, 2008

movie review

I'm off to find two recent additions to my favorite movies list. Juno and Lars and the Real Girl were released yesterday on DVD. If you haven't seen either of these films, you are in for a treat. I've seen Juno half a dozen times already, it's that good and Lars . . . what a wonderfully sweet, quirky film! Read the plot summary from the internet movie database below or click the photo for the movie's website.

In this comedy, Lars Lindstrom is an awkwardly shy young man in a small northern town who finally brings home the girl of his dreams to his brother and sister-in-law's home. The only problem is that she's not real - she's a sex doll Lars ordered off the Internet. But sex is not what Lars has in mind, but rather a deep, meaningful relationship. His sister-in-law is worried for him, his brother thinks he's nuts, but eventually the entire town goes along with his delusion in support of this sweet natured boy that they've always loved.
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It's a good way to spend a few hours of your time. Honest. It will reinforce your faith in the human spirit. Albeit in a strange way.


Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm. Juno. I just didn't feel the love on that one. Maybe I need to see it again. I just felt like they were trying to be too cutesy to me. And I'm not a prude or anything, but that whole pop out a baby, give it away and move on with nary a thought kinda bugged me. Maybe I missed some deep mourning in there or something??? 'Cause everyone I know LOVES that movie -- gotta be me!

camillaknits said...

Lars arrived in the netflix today, so I have 'Big Plans' for this evening, once the chirruns are off to bed. This has the unfortunate side-effect of cutting into my "Lost" viewing time. (Season Two, I Heart You... music, shampoo, Peanut Butter!) Miss you terribly, but will be thinking "how the heck did she talk me into watching this?" later this evening... nah, I'm prolly gonna lurve Lars. See you soon. p.s. happy thoughts for Bill's dad tomorrow, when he has his mastectomy (I'll be requiring some pasties for the FIL.) C

prairievisiondesign : handmade said...

both are next in my nf queue! Have you seen Waitress? It's quirky and fun, too. And who doesn't love pie?

patrick said...

just saw Lars and the Real Girl, Gosling did a great job playing out his character's psychological transitions... it was considerate of the movie's producers to leave out the predictable small-town drama as well