Monday, October 1, 2007

stealth milk

We went to bed last night and sometime during the night, this arrived in a new milk cooler on my front porch.
Thank you Oberweis Man!
Love me some milk in glass bottles. Reminds me of when I was a kid - we'd drive up to the dairy and open the trunk, a kid would come out and carry away the old crate full of glass bottles and bring out a new crate with bottles full of milk.
I don't recall chocolate milk EVER but, that's one of the glories of being a grown up, (well this and gin) I am in charge of my own milk buying. Chocolate milk for everyone!
Watch my mom post a comment on how we went to that dairy only a few times or something.
If YOU choose Oberweis, tell them I sent you.


De Morgan said...

I think we went every week for quite a long time. By the way that dairy isa still there :o) Mom

Russ said...

I haven't thought about that place in years