Thursday, October 18, 2007

Centennial Post

Life Lists. Got one? I created one some years ago but can't recall what I did with it. I'm sure it was lost on an old computer. So, I thought it appropriate to re-create that list here, in honor of my 100th post.
I do remember my list including two things: learn to knit and go to a wine tasting. I now do both. Frequently and well. :)
I hope this encourages you to create your own life list. Think of all the things you'd like to do before you die. Write them down. Do them. We all know how life is too short. No one ever said on their deathbed, "Gee, I wish I'd spent more time at work."
Without further ado:
  1. travel. a lot.
  2. visit all 50 states
  3. see the grand canyon
  4. on horseback
  5. visit Niagara Falls
  6. fill my passport
  7. get back to the Seattle/Tacoma area to see my siblings
  8. go up in the Space Needle
  9. connect with old school friends
  10. visit Washington DC
  11. get lost in the Smithsonian
  12. vacation at the beach
  13. ride horseback at the waters edge
  14. collect seashells
  15. cruise Alaska
  16. watch wales jump
  17. tour California wine country
  18. keep a wine journal
  19. learn to play my guitar. well.
  20. sing and play with my sister, Robin
  21. organize my photos
  22. back them up
  23. learn to use my camera. well.
  24. scrapbook more
  25. sew more
  26. procrastinate less
  27. knit a full-sized sweater
  28. keep a knitting journal
  29. volunteer
  30. learn american sign language
  31. learn to read music
  32. learn to play the piano
  33. own a piano
  34. learn to play the oboe
  35. sing more
  36. read the classics
  37. learn more about wine
  38. bring color to the inside of my house
  39. try more exotic recipes
  40. eat at foreign restaurants
  41. learn more about art
  42. purchase a favorite
  43. lose weight
  44. grow a vegetable garden
  45. grow a flower garden
  46. see Les Miserables on stage
  47. ditto Lion King
  48. ditto Phantom of the Opera
  49. ride Amtrak somewhere far
  50. recycle
  51. bring canvas shopping bags with me to the store
  52. hike
  53. stay in better touch with my siblings
  54. take a cooking class
  55. learn the art of pastries
  56. exercise
  57. walk my dogs
  58. meet Cathy Z.
  59. have more parties
  60. send more thank you notes
  61. write real letters
  62. journal more
  63. drive cross country
  64. take a motorcycle trip out west
  65. make a real quilt
  66. make jam
  67. master pie crust
  68. camp
  69. take a pottery class
  70. get new bedroom furniture
  71. learn to identify birds
  72. vacation in an RV
  73. learn to budget
  74. build our savings
  75. finish my degree
  76. start a movie club
  77. join a book club
  78. raise puppies
  79. own a cat
  80. renew my wedding vows
  81. follow politics
  82. play more games
  83. learn to ice skate
  84. ditto rollerblade
  85. get regular pedicures
  86. go back to NYC
  87. go back to Hawaii
  88. re-decorate my bedroom myself
  89. host a dinner party
  90. spend a romantic weekend away
  91. picnic more
  92. fly kites more
  93. write my own will
  94. find a comfortable pair of heels
  95. go to a Colts game
  96. run again (after the lose weight thing)
  97. run a half marathon
  98. be more organized
  99. have more fun
  100. DO the things on this list!

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