Friday, September 28, 2007

D is for

I just can't imagine life without them. Wherever I go, they go. They're my little entourage.
Old man Ruger. He's the best damn dog ever.

Grizz and Sadie.

and Fatboy (can you even?) He's Ashley's so I guess that makes him our granddog. :)


Vickie said...

You have a house full! And I bet each of them are spoiled rotten. You need to knit them sweaters. lol

Annalea said...

What a great looking bunch, Melly. My grandparents had a Rott . . . we loved him to death. How I miss having dogs around. If I have my way, that will change shortly, though. Very shortly . . . ;o)

Susan said...

You do have a good looking entourage there! I couldnt think about a day without mine.

LotusKnits said...

Awww, what sweet looking babies!!!