Monday, October 22, 2007

crafty wench

Inside: "With a friend like you, it's treats all the time."
or something to that effect.
My goal today was twofold:
  1. to actually MAKE a card and
  2. to use my current stash.

That jack-o-lantern has GOT to be a good five years old. Bought and never used. Till now, that is. I'm kind of proud of myself. It's a little hokey but my friend Susan will appreciate that. She'll recognize the patterned paper, the pumpkin and the bats (she sent me those this year - thanks friend). When a good friend is feeling low, all it takes is a few scraps of paper and some glue (and maybe a little creativity) to make them happy. Go on. Try it.

I also made a happy baby card for my cousin's baby - the one born like, a month ago. I forgot to take a picture of that one. Sorry. I sent off the mary jane baby booties too. Those ought to bring some smiles.

and it took me only two and a half hours. :o\


1 comment:

HistoryMom said...

Great card!

I am glad I got the opportunity to meet you (and your little dog too) while you were in town. :)

I'll have to keep up with your blog. Perhaps I can glean some inspiration!