Saturday, October 13, 2007


We haven't gone geocaching in months.
About an hour into it, I remembered why: it felt a lot like exercise. heh
We did see some neat things. This iron bear sculpture sits outside of Eagle Creek Park. It's HUGE. And I didn't get a picture of all the graffiti, but Irene was there.

Ken and I hiked about three miles, looking for a cache where we could set our travel bug loose.

The cache was called Old Homestead. I couldn't find any information about the area. All we know is there used to be a ton of houses back here and maybe they were all torn down when the reservoir was built.

It was really something to find little remnants here and there of the old homesteads: bits of foundation, old gates and stairs leading nowhere.

More pictures can be found here.
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~M said...

Very cool! I will have to check this out!

camillaknits said...

The Army Corps of whaaa? Darlin', I jus' knowed you's plum tarred out, if'n you cain't spell 'tall no more. Next time you and that nutty Mr. Crocker think you have to go bury something in the woods, please call me first... there's bound to be a dead hooker what needs hid 'round here or sumthin'. How's your tired old ass now, girl? Did you try bourbon? *mwah* Cami

melly~ said...


I was tired and prolly a little intoxicated. doesn't have spellcheck. That's somewhat problematic for a drunk, tired melly.

Didn't know you was the spelling police, Miss Cami. Thank GAWD you're not on the puncuation patrol!

Ditto said...

Sounds like a great day back to Geocaching! We found that although we may not cache everyday we keep in touch by reading various Geocaching blogs and websites like Geocaching Online.

It keeps us in the swing of things as well as gives incentive to get out and do it!

All the best!

Megynn said...

Melly, I didn't know you were into Geocaching, too! I totally found that cache a few years ago. It was pretty darn cool. :) - Meghann