Monday, September 10, 2007

me, me, meme...

from Desert Diva meme-o-licious!
  • Hi, my name is: Melissa

  • But you can call me: melly

  • Never in my life have I: bungee jumped

  • When I’m nervous I: chew the inside corner of my lip

  • The last song I listened to was: something by Sugarland

  • If I were to get married right now it would be to: a polygamist, evidently, cause I'm already married! -lol-

  • My hair is: in need of a cut and dye job

  • When I was 4: my parents divorced. I haven't seen my biological father since

  • Last Christmas: we were so glad to have Ken home for a few days in one stretch. he was travelling to Indianapolis each week for work

  • I should be: cleaning something

  • When I look down I see: my scrap paper bag

  • The happiest recent event was: seeing Ashley's ex, Mike looking so good

  • If I were a character on ‘Friends’: I'd be Rachel. Skinny and beautiful

  • By this time next year: I hope to have had some sort of wonderful vacation

  • My current distress is: legal matters

  • I have a hard time understanding: politics

  • There’s these girls: I watch on TV - Sex and the City? I want to live in that world. Cosmopolitans and New York City!

  • If I won an award, the first person I would tell: Ken

  • I want to buy: YARN!

  • I plan on visiting: California sometime soon!

  • If I could spend the night at anyone’s house it would it be at: Cristi's. (see above)

  • The world could do without: cell phones

  • Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: YARN

  • Most recent thing someone else bought me: Ken bought me a glorious book by Amy Butler

  • My middle name is: Gail

  • In the morning I: sneeze currently. Allergy season is upon us

  • Last night I was: knitting

  • There’s this guy I know who: isn't being very nice to his wife. I wish I could kick his ass into gear.

  • If I were an animal I’d be a: bald eagle

  • A better name for me would be: HRH (her royal highness)

  • Tomorrow I am: staying home

  • Tonight I am: knitting and watching Weeds on Showtime.


Annalea said...

Cute meme. I like. :o)

(One quick note: Mormons aren't polygamists. There are colonies of splinter-group polygamists in southern Utah, but none of them are officially recognized by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I believe that polygamy is ground for excommunication from the church. For the historical document, you can check this out.)

Have a great day!

melly~ said...

yeah, yeah, yeah...
two of my best friends are LDS. I knew when I first posted "Mormon" I should have added a disclaimer.
Edited to be more politically correct.
Thanks Annalea. I should have chosen my words more carefully.
Sorry to offend.

camillaknits said...

darlin' you done eatin' that size ten yet? Cuz I totally need you. Check my rant on the blog, then call me... after your coffee, of course! Cami