Saturday, September 22, 2007

email and merlot don't mix

My mom actually sent me this figurine. She's a funny one. Turns out they DO mix! Any time you have something to say, drink some merlot and SAY IT! hehe
It's the eve of my 39th (for the first time) birthday and I'm sitting home alone feeling rather silly, drinking and karaoking by myself. Now those are two things that don't mix - karaoke and merlot. hehe
But email - that I can do. Good thing ya'll can't see all the back spacing I'm doing here. heh
I've been slacking on my emailing this week. If you were expecting to hear from me, sorry for the silence. I've been swamped taking care of puppies, sewing an apron, knitting a sock and all things domestic.
Do you know I wanted to be a wife and mother when I grew up? Ashley said I should have aimed higher. I'm thinking she's right. Any monkey can scrub a toilet.
Nothing like a birthday to make you ponder things.
Blogging and merlot definitely don't mix.
nighty night...


camillaknits said...

Funny, you don't *look* like a slush... oh, wait, on closer examination...

ya know, I think you don't look a day over 32... there. Isn't it great to have such a powerful, authoritative pal whose powers of selective memory erase years off you? I hope you get to eat weird, fun food on your birthday, and that no doggies pee anywhere they should *not* and that there is cake... there should always be cake. Happy 32nd Birthday. You're the cutest middle-aged craft-ho I've ever met (Rhonda's got the over-forty catagory locked up.) I have to go into hiding now. C

melly~ said...

funny how it was the "middle aged" part of this that bothered me and not the "ho" part. -lol-

Vickie said...


Naomi said...

Can a monkey knit a sock? Would you eat a meal cooked by a monkey? Focusing on the daily mundane tasks of running a household can make us forget the higher aspiration of what it means to be a good wife and mother. Just a sobering're a gem. Wishing you many happy returns of the day. Birthdays are good for you; the more you have the longer you live.