Sunday, August 23, 2009

who knew grocery shopping could be so fun?

my garden girls kidnapped me this week and introduced me to whole foods.
i might be in love.
i found everything i needed to re-create a very special meal: goat cheese, raspberry chipolte sauce, rice crackers and a bottle of chateau st. michele. my sister, robin may not cook but she can sure slap down a spread! love you robbie.

then we came home and raided the garden. they swear they harvested while i was away but they left with twenty pounds of tomatoes. 20!! and i found these, hiding down low:
cami gifted me with two hibiscus plants last fall. i took them home and promptly killed them (it's what i do) but not before harvesting the seeds! and look what i grew this year from those same small seeds. it's like a miracle, really.
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gaylen said...

Oh - hibiscus - pretty :) Wanna see your dinner. g

Thimbleanna said...

Mmmm, very pretty! That is certainly NOT a typically midwest menu you laid out there Ms. Melly! Sounds yummy!

veedogknitter said...

Very pretty!! And your recreated meal sounds YUM!!
Did you go visit Chateau Ste Michelle? Miss G lives awfully close to it!