Monday, August 24, 2009


sometimes there's no making sense of creativity. it strikes at stranges times or worse, i sit and wait for it to come. she can be fickle, my muse.

last night at midnight, i was up creating this little gem. it's the tin my teeny gingher scissors came in, re-purposed into a random act of kindness for a fellow raveler. if you're not familar with ravelry, on the message boards, there are buttons you can click to show love(1), or if you disagree(1) with someone or think something is funny(1). i thought the love(1) was a whimsical touch. the recipient enjoys family recipes, so this tin will include some of our favorites. cute no?

paper and rubons are basic grey, font is quickutz zoey (i think).


Thimbleanna said...

Very, very cute Ms. Melly. You're a paper goddess!

Leslie said...

that's gorgeous! :)

Tryllyam said...

I love the colors you choose, Melly!

And aren't Ginghers just the best?