Wednesday, August 12, 2009

sydney's woobie

i have a new baby niece. and every new baby needs a woobie, right?
sometimes i find a project as a gift and sometimes the project finds me. that was the case with this blankie. this is the opart from knitty and it is fabulous.
a quick knit, done in a washable acrylic/nylon blend makes the perfect, drag around the house while i suck my thumb sort of gift.

happy baby, dave and lis.
love you.


mandi said...

Miss Melly that is the cutest Dr. Suess blankie I think I've ever seen!

Skrappingirl said...

Cuddable and quirky what more could a baby ask for?

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Man! That's fantastic Melly -- I love it and it turned out great. You're clearly a rockin' Aunt!!!

Sue said...

What a lucky baby!!