Thursday, August 27, 2009

what is in a name?

a bunch of the dot crew are answering this question. saw it on chanknits first, then the fabulous ms g - lord those gals are making me want a basset hound in the worst way!
on to the question at hand: what's in a name?
let's start with the boys:

old man ruger was our third. third rottweiler, third ruger. ken used to be quite the marksman and one of his favorite pistols was a ruger. the name stuck. we liked it.

fatboy (the minpin) came with his name. interesting story though. girl-child had gotten an older female from a friend of ours who used to breed minpins. said friend's daughter came home from college and had a fit that her mother had given away her childhood dog so girl-child gave miss lucy back. she and her dad visited the pound on a regular basis. one visit, as they were leaving, a guy walked up to ken and said, "this is the perfect dog for you! his name is 'fatboy'!" (ken was wearing a harley shirt). fatboy hadn't even been inprocessed yet. he left with ken and one happy little girl-child.

turns out our friend who bred minpins used to give the all the litter pups harley names. and with there being only a few breeders in the area, there's a pretty good chance fatboy was one of miss lucy's pups. ashley calls him muffin or monkey. ken and i call him piss hound.

grizz got his name from an old black lab we dogsat when ruger was just a puppy. ken and i never forgot how much we enjoyed watching that gentle giant dog play with our sweet puppy. he's grizzly bear, grizzers and bubby.

and the girls:

we got sadie from another motorcycle friend. our first group ride was called a sadie hawkins ride. it was all about the girls. our friend brought her two remaining puppies to the park where we gathered afterward for a cook out. i knew as soon as i took her into my arms that she was mine. mostly she's just sadie. sadie-girl.

and gigi:

she came to us as ginger. cami gave her the middle name of mirabeau. so now, she's gigi beau beau.

turns out there's a whole lot in a name. :)


gaylen said...

I love your name stories. That was fun to do - wasn't it? Plus they really pull at our heart with the telling. g

Tryllyam said...

I love stories of how we name things. And I'm really lovin' on these. But I want to know, how did you kids get their names?

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, they're all so sweet! And I do hate to be partial on pictures alone, but I'm going to have to declare Sadie my favorite -- she's clearly had a hard day, what with all that sock knitting she has going on, so she needs an extra hug!