Friday, June 12, 2009

this day in melly history

in reading my morning blogs today, the ever brilliant cathyz posted this idea: look through your old photos taken in years past on this date and blog about them!
ever simple is she.
here's a photo taken this week in 2003. i'm not the best organizer of photos, couldn't find one taken today but i thought this one would do. and do very well! the second part of cathy's idea asked if we scrapbooked this photo or does it just live in an album (digital or otherwise).
i am proud to say this photo lives in an actual scrapbook!
it was the first day of my motorcycle training class. first day actually on a motorcycle. what made me think i could go from the class bike (a little 175 or something) to this behemoth fatboy i'll never know. looking back now, i can't even believe that was me! she's much more brave. and thinner! ;)
i need to journal this part - i'll never forget how i felt taking that bike around the block for the first time. ken was waiting at the end of the drive each time i circled the block. after a few times around our neighborhood, i got braver and went around a big block - out on the street. stopping at the intersection of reynolds and bancroft, i remember as i waited for the light, the feeling of being so exposed. it felt as though i was standing in the middle of the road. it was scary and exhilarating all at once.
by the time i got back to the driveway, ken was climbing in the truck to come look for me. he was sure i'd dumped the bike. i hadn't. i was just enjoying my first ride.

what photos are lurking in your past?

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@eloh said...

I want to comment on the bike riding but my brain is all frenzied up over how organized you are.

I have many many boxes of pictures and I have a ba-zillion albums...none of them have ever met.

Robin said...

When are you and your bike coming south? I wanna see it and YOU.
I would love to ride with you but I don't think my pain clinic doc would give me the amount of meds I'd need to get over that one - ha.
Sorry I missed you this week.
Let me know if you come down please. I want to see all of the pictures of Seattle.
Always, Rob

Creative Minx said...

This was a great idea for a blog. C Mine here

I love your blog entry. I love that you learned to ride in Toledo! Right next to where I went to high school too! Jim just said to tell you something because he won't get his own blog I have to do it for him. He said he almost got smoked on that same corner on his motorcycle. (His Mum lives very close to there.) No he doesn't ride anymore. That's when he decided to hang it up.

Thimbleanna said...

Yeah Baby -- you're looking hot! Now...can you knit and ride at the same time????