Thursday, June 11, 2009

dogs on thursday and some yarn

it's my first dogs on thursday post. i'm not actually official yet so you won't see me on their blogroll but i've been watching the fabulous ms. g dogging it up on thursday's for a while and wanted in on the fun.

snagged this picture of my fur-posse yesterday:
from left to right it's miss gg, grizzers, fatboy and sadie-girl is in the middle.
getting home from my trip was hard when all the dogs came running to greet me and my first thought was of Ruger. :'( something was missing. it's just not the same here without him.

on a happier note, my sister gifted me with yarn. i don't think she's a knitter. she went into a yarn store and came out with a bunch of novelty type yarns and some big, chunky, SLICK needles. i think this stuff can be challenging for a more experienced knitter. she got fed up and quick! i told her i'd knit it up for her. she gives me the gift of yarn and i give her the gift of scarves. :)


noemi said...

oooooo thats puuuurty : )

Thimbleanna said...

Look at all those cute dogs - I had no idea! You rock Ms. Melly

Matt's Miscellany said...

Aren't dogs wonderful? I wish I could get as much fun out of laying in the grass and rolling.

Christina said...

Your dogs are so cute! It was great to meet you at The Village Yarn Shop on Wednesday! Hope to bump into you again sometime and sit and knit! Happy Knitting!

gaylen said...

Well you certainly did get around! Hope your sister likes the scarf, I can see why she would get frustrated.

Glad to see you joined DOT. g