Monday, June 15, 2009

stunt knitter

when i was in seattle with my sister, she gifted me with a whole bag of yarn. really it was more of a thrusting action as she hurled the offending bag at me. she's not a knitter, my sister. but she went into a yarn store and left with a bag of shimmery, chunky, colorful goodness that she was supposed to turn into scarves. let me say again she's not a knitter. i don't know how long she tried but this yarn, in her hands, was never going to be anything other than a hot mess. (love you robin!) these novelty type yarns are not for the faint of heart! this one wasn't so bad but some of the others have me wanting to rip my hair out! but knit them i will. for my sister. 'cause she rocks.

i think this one is for my niece, kelsey. hope she likes it.

modeled by girl-child

i have no idea what the yarn is because of course, none of the balls came with bands. but the pattern is a great yarn-over, knit two together bit from 101 one skein wonders. great pattern for this chunky but not-so-chunky in places type yarn.
stay tuned for scarf #2.


Thimbleanna said...

Very nice Melly! ::Waving madly to the girl-child!!!

Robin said...

Such a good sister...
people always wonder why I knit scarves and wraps so much - I have 3+1 sisters (adopted in Seattle - it's official, we even gave her a "sister's ring) daughters, granddaugter, and friends who always want scarves.
Giving handmade gifts of love makes me happy...right, Ms Melly friend.
Always, Robin

Erin said...

It's loverly!!