Saturday, June 20, 2009

knitting up something good!

knittywhipped offered up this great pattern for fingerless gloves. click on 'mitt envy'. super simple pattern. i cast these on last night. late last night. love me a speedy knit!
check out this tutorial for cabling without a cable needle. omg. i -love- it!

stephanie gifted me this fabulous yarn when we were in seattle. check out her etsy store to get your own fabulousness.


Robin said...

I love it - the colors! the pattern, hmmm...let me guess who these might be for? daughter child?
They would look lovely on Ms Mellisa also...
Hope you're having a good weekend.
Are your plants growing like crazy in this HotHouse hell we call home?Mine are going wild. Love the plant growth - don't love the heat and sweat - one day soon, they will find a puddle of sweat that used to be rob if this keeps up.
Great field trip (except for the ticket I got on the way home). Bad robin, bad, bad robin. Distractions - wake up everyone, they are way too dangerous to ignore.
xoxo, me

gaylen said...

Love that stitch pattern, wouldn't it look lovely going down the leg of a sock? You got me thinking now. g

Creative Minx said...

Fingerless gloves rock. Love those colors you used!

Heather L. said...

Very nice! I've just printed the pattern and will have to try them sometime -- thanks!

I'm afraid the cherries were at a friend's house. :( Too bad there's not an orchard around....