Thursday, October 23, 2008

sometimes I amaze myself

I have so many projects going right now I'm actually losing sleep. I'm still trying to get my shit together for the craft fair. That's actually going quite well. I've got 70 (+/-) pincushions, 40 cards with more to come. 9 Santa's in the works and fabric for 20 or so pumpkins. I've been brainstorming (ouch, I know) about my display too and I think I've come up with something uber cute. If I can just get it to translate from my brain to something real.
I'm 4 rows away from starting my toe decreases on my TYDY socks. For you non-knitters, I'm less than a day away from being completely done. And I must say, nothing makes you feel better about your work than having your friends fight over a project. Both Cami and Noemi have claimed the pair as their own. I think one of them even licked the sock on the needles. I said, "Don't think it's yours just cause you marked it with your spit."
(hello Juno fans)
I've even been working on the Clapotis. I'm done with the main part, now to start decreasing the thing until I can cast off the last few stitches. It's getting cold here. I'd better hurry.
Today I pumped out half my Christmas cards for the craft fair:
and I created this for the backs of my paper goods:
sometimes I amaze myself. I was so happy with the way this, what should I call it, my watermark? turned out. Its a business card of sorts on the back of each hand-made card. Fucking brilliant! (sorry mom, I'm working on getting my blog rating up from PG to R. I can't have kid-friendly blog FFS!)
More cards tomorrow and then maybe some sewing with a little knitting in between.
Fun day, huh?
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Robin said...

I LOVE your watermark - you are one of the most creative talented friends I have. Don't blush pumpkin. We need to get together next week and I could make my Christmas purchases - that would give you some coin to run on, yeah? Or do you have your earnings earmarked for something else? Just a thought...
Hugs my friend, Robin

gaylen said...

that is fucking brilliant! You are right. Can't wait to see the finished socks. I can only guess who (Cami) licked them because the link isn't working. g

Anonymous said...

Love your watermark. Watch your mouth young lady.!!!! The reason I never made mac and cheese is because your dad did not like it. You know---the old king of his castle thing. Can't wait to see your sox. Love ya

lmillercrew said...

k, so I want to see your cards and santa. And um... Cami gets socks and I get a scarf?? :0 (sorry cami)I think we have a problem Houston!!

noble pig said...

I can't wait to see everything! I hope you post pics.