Saturday, October 18, 2008

comfort food

Does it get any better than mac & cheese? I don't think so.

I never made it from scratch when my kids were young because I never had it homemade as a kid. My kids wanted mac & cheese from the box. It's the cheesiest you know. For all the scratch cooking my mom did, mac and cheese wasn't made from scratch at our house. We had "Kraft Dinners". That's what they were called - the macaroni in the blue box? Kraft Dinner. With stewed tomatoes. I know. Way to ruin a good vision, huh?

Does this restore the yummy vision dancing in your head? This here is Cami's rocking mac & cheese. Boy-child couldn't get enough. "I blame it on Cami." Said he. It's that good. Hope she doesn't mind me sharing the recipe with the internet. Here we go:

  • 1 1/ c pasta cooked and drained, rinsed in cool water
  • 4 T butter
  • 3 T flour melted/cooked together

add 1 1/2 c milk, cooked stirring until thickened a bit. add:

  • 4 oz cheddar
  • 2 oz velveeta, shredded

melt cheeses in roux, pour over pasta in a greased baking dish. top with 8 saltine crackers crumbled and mixed with 1 T melted butter. Bake at 375° 20 - 30 minutes until bubbly at the edges.

Think I'll go make some.

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Camilla said...

oops, I forgot to mention the white ground pepper and kosher salt. ahh, well. they'll all figure it out, eh? C

leann said...

I love me some mac and cheese! Thanks to both you and Cami for sharing.

Leslie said...

Melly, hi, I don't know if you remember me, but we sat together a lot at Susan's shop scrapping and talking together. I must say, things just aren't as colorful here in Ohio without you. I see Susan and the kids quite a bit and you are mentioned fondly often. Susan told me though that you are really loving your new home and enjoying life. I am so glad for you. Well, I just wanted to drop you a line to say hi and let you know you are being thought of. BTW, thanks for all the yummies recipes!

noble pig said...

My kids will only eat from the box too. This sounds wonderful though.

Russ said...

Pssst Melly. Shhhhh. Don't tell Cami that I tweaked her recipe a little. I doubled the roux ingredients. I used 16 oz. of cheddar and 8 oz Velveeta. Kraft ain't the cheesiest no more. The sauce came out fantabulous. I'll let you know what my food critics think.