Tuesday, December 18, 2007

sweater update

Yesterday I threatened to make this sweater a vest. I do not like sleeves. They get bigger as they go along and with 80 some stitches at one point, that's a lot of loooong back and forth knitting.

I must have been grumbling a bit because Ken threatened to hide my knitting needles. "I want you to do something you enjoy!" he cried. I do enjoy knitting. I swear I do! Ignore the knitted brow (ha!) and the cursing and muttering under my breath. This is a hobby I enjoy. It is!

Today, I finished a sleeve. I sit here amazed as I look at my progress. I'm. Knitting. A. Sweater. There's a back, two fronts and now, a sleeve. It's amazing!

I'd show you a picture but my battery ran dead taking too many ice shots. (no need to comment Clementine! :oÞ) I'm hoping to put this sweater together this weekend. Maybe. With a little help from my friends?

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Dragonfly said...

It's the Christmas miracle again *grin*