Thursday, December 13, 2007

sleeveward HO!

Thanks to a day at Clementine's, I've made tremendous progress on the blue cardigan! She performed what we called a back alley abortion - it was a seriously nasty procedure. One that shouldn't be considered lightly or done without parental supervision. You could be scarred for life! (Ok, I'll get off that soapbox now! Are we still talking about the sweater??).

I couldn't have done it without her!
Excuse the crappy camera phone picture, it's all I had to capture pure genius at work. (nice kiss, eh?)

We frogged 15 rows of work. A whole afternoon of knitting but, as Cami pointed out, "For the same price you get to knit it again!" HA! Turns out if I'd just done what Rhonda said to do in the first place, all systems would have been go right off. I'm still not sure how I did it, those right slanting through the back loops, double somersault, full pike decreases but knitting is like that. Magic. And I'm hooked. Pun intended. Though that's really more of a crochet pun but I guess it works here too. The joke wouldn't have worked at all if I said I was needled so hooked it is.

Sleeves are next! And I know I'll feel like I'm almost done once I get the sleeves finished and really I'll be very close but then I have get to do my first ever button band with double yarn overs and everything. I may need a drink. Or two. Or seven.

And Cami? Don't even complain one bit about this picture. Remember, I know your super secret password and have access to that slanty face picture and I didn't post that. See what a good friend I am? :


LotusKnits said...

Hope you get your sleeves done Mel!

*waves to Cami*

Dragonfly said...

the one thing i've actually learned to love in knitting is the do-over. How many times in life do you get a chance to say "oh, that didn't work, let's just do it again and pretend we never made that dumb mistake"?

I love the picture of Cami! (although totally curious about the slanty version now *grin*)