Tuesday, December 11, 2007

rainy day ramblings

o. my. gawd.

I don't know if I'll make it through another midwest winter! I may need to get a sun lamp or something! Today was so grey and foggy and rainy. I'm needing a little vitamin K or D or whatever it is the sun gives.

I have been knitting today. Knitting and watching a marathon of Sex and the City.

However, the blue sweater is on hold. I was working the decreases for the right front neckline and I wasn't quite sure what I was doing. Rhonda and my mom both tried explaining the correct decrease to me, all to no avail. I feel like I've never knit before! The needles felt clumsy in my hands and now where there should be two perfect rows of decreases, there's one perfect row and four (albeit even) twists. :o\ I'm such a perfectionist I don't think I can leave it the way it is and I just don't have the heart to undo all the work I did today. Damnit, damnit, damnit.

At least I was watching some good TV. Ahhhh Mr. Big.
Ken has gotten smart - tonight he looked at what I was doing and asked, "Are you taking something apart or putting something together?" As in, it's ok for him to bother me if it's putting something together, but better he not if I'm trying to un-do something. Gotta love that.

So for now, I'm knitting my Christmas socks. The ones my mom would have knit for me this year had I not learned how to knit. See what happens? I master rib cooking and now we never go out for barbecue. I cook a mean fettuccine alfredo so now Olive Garden is out. I learn how to knit and rather than get wonderfully hand-knit socks from my mom for Christmas, I get balls of yarn. I should just keep my talents to myself!
But it does feel good to share.

The girls at my Christmas party fought over my Santa ornament. That made me feel good. My director had it at one point and was upset when someone took it from her. I said, "I know where you can get another one!" I think there were four girls total that said they wanted one. Not a bad day.

We got our tree up and for the first time I have two trees - one in the formal living room and one in the family room. Even though I hardly ever go in the living room it's fun having a tree in there. It has white lights and teal and silver ornaments to continue the room's colors on the tree.
The family room tree is our hodge-podge tree. I love it. Colored lights and all our collectible ornaments. Every ornament has a story and it's a tradition to relive those memories every year. Maybe my favorite tradition.

What are your favorite traditions?

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Melinda said...

Gorgeous trees, Melly dear!