Thursday, November 8, 2007

my mom, she rocks

I got this package in the mail yesterday from my mom. She cleaned out her needle stash for me and sent her duplicates! See how much she loves me? :)

I was floating around on that little bit of bliss yesterday until I realized she sent me my Christmas socks early. See them there on the left? They're that bulky thing up there that suspiciously looks like a hank of yarn. I have to make my own socks now! -tears- That's what I get for learning how to knit. :o\ Cooking worked much the same way. I hardly ever get out for a good meal now that I'm such a Betty in the kitchen.

But the yarn is lovely. It's made from Chitin fiber? (not to be confused with chitLin -lol-) Ever heard of it? Me neither. It's YARN made from shrimp and crab shells! But it's soft! Really! I wouldn't kid the internet! Can't wait to play around with it.

Thanks, mom!
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Vickie said...

What a wonderful surprise and even a better surprise in making your own socks. lol

I love the picture of the leaves looking out the window. And your making birdhouses I can't keep up with you. Looking good!

Dragonfly said...

Dying laughing at the "making your own socks". Looks like great yarn though!