Monday, November 5, 2007

E is for:

Just one of the places I'd like to visit.
The canals of Venice, the ancient architecture of Greece, the castles, the Alps, the people, the FOOD.
Ken and I both appreciate architecture. I can't imagine viewing structures built hundreds or even THOUSANDS of years ago.
Neuschwanstein Castle of Bavaria, is pictured above. It happens to be a relatively young castle at a mere 120+ years.
Isn't it spectacular? I can't even imagine standing in the presence of such amazing architecture.
It's a good thing I can't afford to travel just yet. Can't have me fainting all over Europe!


LotusKnits said...

I'm a geek for European castles too. The Neuschwanstein is one of my favorites!

Skrappingirl said...

Bet you didn't know that this is THEEE castle. MY DREAM castle since I was in history in middle school and discovered a photo and then made my dad help me find more photos(National Geographic and the internet then.) Let me know when you're going I want to hitch a ride too. ~Susan